Trondheim City

The attractive mixture of innovation, fjord and ocean makes Trondheim the perfect host town for Nor-Fishing and Aqua Nor.

This historical city is so much more than just technology and sea. We urge you to experience the whole city, – and promise that it has something special to offer just you.

Beneath hills covered by forests the Nidelva river twists its way through Trondheim. On its way the river makes a natural divide between the compact city centre and the green, historical sites surrounding it. Nidelva river empties into the beautiful Trondheim Fjord – and we follow the river upstream from the mouth up through the city.

The pier

The first thing you notice at the mouth of the river is the same sight that thousands of tourists have set eyes on every year – Munkholmen (1). This old monastery, fortification and state prison is a museum today, and it has become a favourite destination for both tourists and locals. You can enjoy quiet hours on the grass, on the beach – or have a tour of the island full of historical information.  Tripps Båtservice runs a frequent ferry service from Ravnkloa, the city centre for fish trade, and organizes sightseeing tours on the Nidelva river.

Where Nidelva meets the fjord you will find the newest developed part of Trondheim – Brattøra. In this port district the famous northbound and southbound coastal steamers (Hurtigruta) meet every day. Why not enjoy your breakfast on one of the steamers?

Close by you will find Clarion Hotel & Congress (2) – ), the largest conference hotel in Scandinavia, conveniently located next to Norway’s largest indoor bath and swimming pool –  Pirbadet (3)Rockheim (4), is the national museum for popular music in Norway, and  SINTEF OCEAN (5) is just close by. This part of town is still developing fast, and it is just a short walk from Skansen, Nor-Fishing`s outdoor area, which is where you will find exhibits in their right element: water.

“Midtby’n” – The City Centre

The area the locals call Midtbyen is the area surrounded by the Nidelven river and the area is regarded as the city centre. Along the banks of the river you will find the old and popular wooden houses of Bakklandet (6), packed with quaint little shops, cosy cafés with local food and the popular bicycle lift «Trampe», which makes the passage up the steep hill to Kristiansten Festning (7) (the fort) shorter and simpler.

One of Norway’s national treasures is very close to Bakklandet, just across the river. The almost one thousand year old cathedral  Nidarosdomen (8), where St.Olav is buried, is located next to Marinen (9) and Erkebispegården (10). The latter is the home of Norway’s national regalier – the Royal Crown and sceptre – and a host of other national treasures.  Marinen is a popular outdoor area, and on the day that Aqua Nor 2013 closes, the music festival Pstereo (9) will be held here. Last year over 24,000 people attended the pop & rock festival.

Technology City

South of the Marinen you will find the The Norwegian Science and Technology University. By the river and the bridge is located the Student Organization Studentersamfundet (11)SINTEF, while the University itself is perched on the hill behind.  The university campus stretches along the hills all the way to Trondheim’s football stadium, Lerkendal. The 18th of August this year the traditional match between the local team, Rosenborg, and the Oslo team Vålerenga takes place here. Almost 20 000 people usually gather to attend these games, and participating can be a good part of an extended weekend after Aqua Nor 2013.

The artists’ town

Close to Marinen, the Nidaros Cathedral, and the Student Organization the Elgeseter Bridge leads you directly into Mid Town. The many shopping centres and pedestrian shopping malls contain many international chains – but also small local shops. Here is something for everybody. In Midtbyen you will also find galleries and museums. Nordenfjeldske kunstindustrimuseum (industrial arts museum), Trondheim Kunstmuseum (Trondheim Museum of the Arts), Trøndelag senter for Samtidskunst (Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art), Stiftsgården (the Royal residence in Trondheim) and Vitenskapsmuseet (National Science Museum) are examples of long established museums.  There are also smaller galleries such as Modern Art Gallery og Galleri Oluf.

Øya – “The Island”

If you continue along the Nidelva river beyond the Elgeseter Bridge, you will get to “Øya” (“The Island”), where Aqua Nor and Nor-Fishing are located. The city’s exhibition centre,Trondheim Spektrum – Trondheims grand hall, is the place where the city’s many sports clubs have their training and their matches. Here are also tennis halls and an outdoor field and track arena – and of course the Nor-Fishing and Aqua Nor exhibitions.

Getting there and back – and around

Trondheim has an excellent public transport system. Værnes Airport is 35 minutes by car or the airport busses Værnes Expressen and Flybussen, to the north-east of the city centre. There is a bus leaving for the airport every ten minutes. Trondheim Central Train Station lies next to Brattøra, just two minutes from the city centre. A tramway takes you from the centre up to Bymarka, the nature areas surrounding Trondheim. City buses run continuously, day and night.

Getting an overview

In connection with Aqua Nor a number of happenings and events are organized, and you can find more information about these on our web page. Also, you should download the «Trondheimsappen» for your smartphone (available for both iPhone and Android). This will give you information about restaurants, nightlife, sightseeing, shopping, hotels and more.

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