June 22nd, 2016 by Paul

These are the Innovation Award Nominees

The Nor-Fishing Foundation received nine applications for this year’s Innovation Award. There has been an impressive development in the fisheries industry with regard to vessels, gear and equipment for quality handling of the fish through many decades. Today, much of the focus is on sorting the catch, limiting the catch, environment and sustainable development of fisheries nationally and internationally.

Chairman of the Board Liv Holmefjord is happy with the quality of this year’s applications, and is looking forward to seeing Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg presenting the Award to the winners at the opening of Nor-Fishing 2016.

The Jury completed its evaluation of the applications for the Innovation Award 2016 and have submitted their proposal for three finalists to the Board of the Nor-Fishing Foundation. The Jury consists of Senior Advisor Jan Henrik Sandberg of the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association, Senior Advisor Oddvar Staulen of Innovation Norway, and Manager Kjell Maroni of the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund.

The Jury has nominated the following three finalists:

Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Bergen, is implementing a project where catch control is tested through different adaptions to the net of the so-called “Danish seine”. The objective is to catch only the amount of fish that the vessel is licenced to catch and has the capacity to handle. This is important to the fishermen as well as fish buyers with regard to quality and price, as well as health, environment and safety considerations. The limitation of the catch is achieved by having openings at the side of the net, which let excess fish out when the catch limit has been reached. It is an important objective to achieve higher survival (live catch) both for the fish caught and for the fish that is returned to the sea.

Scantrol Deep Vision AS, Bergen. Deep Vision is being developed as an alternative and supplemental method in relation to today’s method, based on acoustics and experience, for monitoring the catch by the use of stereographic pictures from the trawl. A 3D modelling of the fish gives the possibility of determining the species and length, which in turn allows species sorting in the trawl and a more efficient catch from the point of view of market price, quota control and reduced by-catch. The technology can also make important contributions to a more ethical fishing and environmentally acceptable management of ocean resources. The system is expected to have a major impact on international marine research as well as commercial fishing operations.

Selfa Arctic AS, Sandtorg has developed «the world’s first» electrically propelled fishing vessel in cooperation with Siemens/Trondheim and with Corvus in Canada as supplier of the batteries. The Norwegian Maritime Authority has participated in order to develop a new set of regulations to authorize such vessels. The energy use is reduced by 40 – 60% compared to diesel operations. The operations are silent and without vibration, exhaust or particle emissions. A diesel generator is installed in order to give the vessel greater security. In addition to the diesel generator, which produces electricity, research on fuel cells/hydrogen, energy from sunshine, wind, and the vessel’s movement is also being undertaken.

The Board of Directors of the Nor-Fishing Foundation will discuss the recommendations of the Jury in a meeting on Monday 15 August 2016, and the Award will be presented to the winner at the official opening of Nor-Fishing on Tuesday 16 August 2016.


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