March 22nd, 2018 by Paul

The Skansen outdoor area at Nor-Fishing will offer a host of new experiences

Skansen, located in the harbour of Trondheim, has always been a unique exhibition area where the latest technology, vessels and equipment is displayed in its natural element. But this year, there are even more reasons to visit Skansen.

«We have added a new section of the exhibition at Skansen that will allow tens of extra exhibitors, as a supplement to the exhibition by the water side,” says Project Manager Kari Steinsbø of the Nor-Fishing Foundation. “In addition to the extra exhibitors in this area, visitors can experience new possibilities for eating, drinking and even entertainment.”

The little restaurant by the marina at Skansen has long been a favourite with hungry and thirsty visitors to the outdoor exhibition area. The restaurant will continue its regular operation this year also, and in addition they will put up a large tent that will seat up to 450 guests in this area. “We wish to create also a social meeting place at Skansen, while at the same time offering the possibility of enjoying a good meal and a break during the hectic exhibition”, comments Daniel Johansson, manager of the Lille-Skansen (“Little Skansen”) restaurant.

Food service
The eating options at Lille-Skansen will be rich, varied and delicious. “We focus on using local raw materials, and the menu is mainly inspired by Norwegian food. Everything is made from scratch, and we are very proud of our cuisine – while at the same time we also strive to make uncomplicated and down-to-earth dishes,” says Johansson.  On the menu there will be dishes based on raw materials from the sea as well as beef and pasta dishes – in other words something for everybody.

Johansson is also planning the menu for the large tent outside. He envisions something like a barbeque or a mussel pot that will continuously serve hungry visitors.

If you want seating in the tent it might be a good idea to book a table in good time if you wish to entertain colleagues, employees, customers or partners.

Opening hours and catering
Lille-Skansen will open every day at 11:00 am during the exhibition and will stay open until the evening. Johansson has recently taken over the catering service at Rockheim in addition to Lille-Skansen, and thus has two large kitchens at his disposal during the exhibition. “We deliver catering both to stands at Nor-Fishing and for larger events, and we urge everybody to place their orders early.”

By taking over the catering and restaurant service at Rockheim, exhibitors and visitors now also have the option to book larger parties and events at the national museum for popular music, Rockheim. “We recommend that Rockheim be considered for larger groups, – from 50 persons and up,” says Johansson.

«In addition, we are also considering the possibility of offering entertainment during the evenings. We are organizing a concert during the weekend before Nor-Fishing opens, so all the equipment is already in place. But it is too early to give any more specific details about this now,” says Johansson.

New exhibition area
Between Lille-Skansen and the quay area where exhibitors have also previously been able to book stands, space will be made available for up to 25 exhibitors to erect outdoor stands. This means that the whole of the Skansen area will be more alive with exhibitors and visitors.

Many transport options
Trains from Trondheim airport Værnes stop at the Skansen train station – right next to Skansen and a five-minute walk from the main exhibition area at Trondheim Spektrum. There are also good bus connections at Skansen, with buses stopping in the centre of the city, and on stops between Trondheim Spektrum and Skansen. Walking time from Trondheim Spektrum to Skansen is approximately 10 minutes.

Contact Daniel at Lille- Skansen for more information and bookings:


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