Attend this year’s most important marketplace for the fishing industry: Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital

This year’s digital exhibition will be an important international meeting place for the fishing industry, and above all – an important marketplace for presenting technology and solutions to potential customers.

Exhibitor packages
Nor-Fishing offers a number of opportunities to market your company. All exhibitors will be visible in a searchable directory that visitors can search, and will have the opportunity to talk directly to visitors through a live chat solution.

Nor-Fishing Digital will be like an interactive TV program where all viewers are in your target audience. For those of you who want to get the most out of your participation, we offer these additional packages:

As an exhibitor you can choose between 30- and 60- second advertising slots that will be broadcast between the elements of the “TV program”. The company is free to profile what it wants to show the target audience. Commercials are sent to us as a finished production – but Nor-Fishing will of course assist with advice along the way for those who need it.

Studio time
Studio time is the exhibition’s best form of marketing. By purchasing studio time, your company gets six minutes in the studio where a company representative is interviewed by the host. You set the time yourself and choose a topic – share your company’s knowledge, present your technology, tell about your product range – or focus on any other issue that you are passionate about presenting to the industry.

Exhibitors who buy studio time will receive personal follow-up and guidance on how the project will be implemented in practice. Together with the program host you will prepare questions, topics and the like before the show.

Do you want to be an exhibitor at Nor-Fishing Digital?
Fill out the form below with contact information and the desired package. The Nor-Fishing team will contact you and provide you with follow-up and guidance.
You will also receive information by e-mail as the details are finalized.

Upon registration you will be listed in our exhibitor's catalog. Price kr 4400,- ex.VAT. In addition to being listed in this year's exhibition catalog, it is possible to profile your own company, products and services in the livestream from this year's digital fair. You can choose from the following options (several can be selected):


Visiting address, administration
The Nor-Fishing Foundation
Pirsenteret, entrance 1, Havnegata 9
7010 Trondheim, Norway

Mailing address
The Nor-Fishing Foundation
p.o. box 1251, Torgård
7462 Trondheim, Norway

Exhibition adress:
Trondheim Spektrum
Klostergata 90
7030 Trondheim, Norway

+ 47 73 56 86 40

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