August 16th, 2016 by Snolys

Scantrol captured the Innovation Award

The Nor-Fishing Foundation received a total of nine applications for this year’s Innovation Award. This was a slightly lower number than the average for recent years, but many of the candidates presented very interesting projects. The Jury had selected three finalists: The Institute of Marine Research, which presented a project for catch control of the so-called “Danish seine”; Selfa Arctic AS for the development of the world’s first fully electric fishing vessel, “Karoline”; and Scantrol Deep Vision AS for the development of a new method for monitoring the trawl.

This year’s winner was Scantrol Deep Vision AS from Bergen. On behalf of the company, Hege Hammersland-White and Håkon Vågstøl accepted the Award, which was presented to them by Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg.

Deep Vision is being developed as an alternative and supplemental method in relation to today’s method, based on acoustics and experience, for monitoring the catch by the use of stereographic pictures from the trawl. A 3D modelling of the fish gives the possibility of determining the species and length, which in turn allows species sorting in the trawl and a more efficient catch from the point of view of market price, quota control and reduced by-catch. The technology can also make important contributions to a more ethical fishing and environmentally acceptable management of ocean resources. The system is expected to have a major impact on international marine research as well as commercial fishing operations.


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