August 12th, 2018 by Paul

Rowing to fight cancer

Last year, Robin Halsebakk bicycled across Norway from south to north to raise money for the cancer cause. In the accompanying car, his mate and colleague Petter Gunnarstein followed. This year they are going to row from Trondheim to Ålesund to promote the good cause.

– We hope that we can raise at least as much money as last year and again get the whole seafood industry behind us for this important cause. We have both experienced cancer in the immediate family and want to contribute with what we can. At the same time, we want to encourage all participants at the Nor-Fishing exhibition to contribute to the challenge, explains Halsebakk.

The great adventure will also this year be along the coast. This time the bike has been replaced by a specially built rowboat and the bus has been replaced by an accompanying boat.

– At the moment we are training hard, with a double sculler at the rowing club in Ålesund, says Gunnarstein.

Hard stages

On the last day of Nor-Fishing, Friday 24 August, the first stage starts. The voyage is about 180 nautical miles long. If everything goes as planned, Robin and Petter will be arriving in Ålesund on Friday 31 August. The program for the trip is tough. The longest stages of about 30 nautical miles are expected to take up to ten hours.

– We are prepared for both blisters in our hands and rough sea, but we hope for fine weather. The plan is to reach Ålesund within the deadline and we strongly believe that we will come to Ålesund in nine days by means of muscle power.

Both are working in the fishing industry, at the transport company Sølvtrans. The rowers say that they are sitting a lot in the office every day, but Petter was a former captain of a wellboat for 13 years. However, his office habits are not what worries him the most.

– You have to have a good bottom to complete stages of up to 10 hours. Fortunately, the boat has a little bar at the back where one might find an “anchor dram” – that may be necessary to keep up morale, the rowers add laughing.

Traditional boat

The boat is a traditional Åfjord boat. The boat was built for the occasion at Stadsbygd, by boat builder Einar Borgjord and his son in connection with the Museum of Coastal Heritage. The so-called “six-ring” (indicating that it has three sets of oars) is 21.5 feet lang. Petter and Robin will bring a pair of helping hands on each leg of the journey.

– We have not filled up all the places for the trip yet – so just sign up if you want to contribute by handling the oars.

The accompanying boat can accommodate 10 participants, and it is also possible for companies to participate in the trip. The surplus money raised will go to the cause of fighting cancer.

– If the weather turns ugly, we put our trust in the accompanying boat. We hope that some companies will join the boat so they can follow us a while.

– It will also be possible to follow the trip on the Facebook page “Silvertrans AS” and we will post messages on Instagram at the address @robhals and @solvtrans

Celebrity visit

Godmother of the boat is Secretary General of the Cancer Society, Anne Lise Ryel. Minister for Transport, Ketil Solvik Olsen, will also be present during the christening of the boat and the departure from Ila in Trondheim.

– Ketil will say a few words. He was riding with us for part of the trip last year. As a Minister of Transport, he is after all responsible for our survival, the rower’s joke.

The stages:

Thursday 23/8 – 18         Christening of Ronja «TBN» on a barge at Ila in Trondheim.
Friday    24/8 – 18            Trondheim – Brekstad (26,5 NM)
Saturday    25/8 – 18       Brekstad – Sandstad (19 NM)
Sunday   26/8 – 18           Sandstad – Edøy (30 NM)
Monday 27/8 – 18           Edøy – Kristiansund (19 NM)
Tuesday   28/8 – 18         Kristiansund – Bud (30 NM)
Wednesday 29/8 – 18    Bud – Molde (18 NM)
Thursday 30/8 – 18         Molde – Brattvåg (22 NM)
Friday  31/8 – 18              Brattvåg – Ålesund (15NM) 

All profits from the trip will go to the cancer association!

The rowers encourage all seafood-related businesses to be creative in helping them make this year’s great happening a success. If you wish to contribute, you can do so by using Vipps nr: 22 77 and label the transaction “Robin and Bobilkongen.”

Robin Halsebakk: +47 40 49 05 37 / Petter Gunnarstein: +47 95 25 33 69 if anyone wishes to help take the oars for part of the trip together with us.

Sponsors of the rowing boat are:
Bunker Oil AS, Havyard ASA, MMC First Process AS, Nordea AS, Aas Mekaniske AS, Thommessen AS, Maritim Motor AS, Vegsund Slip AS og Stranda Prolog AS.

The Nor-Fishing foundation

Visiting address
The Nor-Fishing Foundation
Pirsenteret, entrance 1, Havnegata 9
7010 Trondheim, Norway

Mailing address
The Nor-Fishing Foundation
p.o. box 1251, Torgård
7407 Trondheim, Norway

+ 47 73 56 86 40

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