Practical information Nor-Fishing 2018

Username and password will be sent by 23.03.18

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Delivery of cargo to / from Nor-Fishing 2018

In connection with construction activity, there is limited access for vehicles at the exhibition area. We request that goods must be delivered to our external terminal in good time before the start of the exhibition for further transport to the exhibition grounds and delivery on stand. Larger lots can be delivered directly to the exhibition area, but the vehicle must be assigned a “slot time” and access certificate for access to the area. Booking for access for vehicles to the exhibition area must be sent to:

We need:
1. Truck number
2. Desired arrival time and date
3. Stand number
4. Goods volume / volume / weight

Certificates are returned by e-mail with confirmation of the time. Please note that vehicles without certificate will not get access to the exhibition area. See shipping-instructions for deadlines.

Goods delivery external terminal
Delivery adress:
Exhibitor’s name and the stand number + Nor-Fishing 2018
c/o B. Iversen Spedisjon
Heggstadmoen 47, 7080 Heimdal, Norway
Tel: +47 950 22 400 / +47 73 80 24 00

Deadline for submission to external terminal is Tuesday, 14 August. Remember that ALL packages are marked well with exhibits name and stand number.

NB! No shipments should be addressed to Nor-Fishing (Klostergata 90) in 2018 as we no longer have facilities to receive goods because of the building activities. All freight should be shipped to the B. Iversen terminal.

This also goes for small shipments that exhibitors have previously transported in their own cars. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE THIS YEAR!

Stand assembly
External stand builders have access to the halls starting Monday 13 August. Work MUST be completed no later than Saturday 18 August. Exhibitors have access to the halls from Saturday 18 August until Monday 20 August. All stand building must be finished no later than Monday 20 August at 18:00 hrs.

Dismantling of the stands can start on Friday 24 August at 15:00 hrs. All return transport must be agreed with the shipping agent B. Iversen!
• Friday 24. August: 15.00–22.00
• Saturday 25. August: 09.00–20.00
• Sunday 26. August: 09.00–20.00

The outdoor area at Skansen must be cleared no later than Monday 27 August at 12:00 hrs. There will be guards on duty at the exhibition area until Monday 27 August at 12:00 noon.

There is NO access to parking at the exhibition area this year (2018). There are also several parking houses in the centre of the city. See for availability. You can also buy parking in Sandgata Parking Hous for 21-24 of august here.

RV parkering
For more information>

There will be a free shuttle bus between the hotels and the fairgrounds every day. Do not return last day. More information here

The Exhibition
There will be exhibitors in halls D, F, G and T. Outdoor exhibitors will be located at Skansen (S) next to exhibitors on the water at the quay at Skansen.

Openings hours
• Tuesday 21. august: 10.00-17.00
• Wedneysday 22. august: 10.00-17.00
• Thursday 23. august: 10.00-17.00
• Friday 24. august: 10.00-15.00.

Exhibitors have access to the fair 1 hour before opening hours and must leave the area half an hour after the show’s closing time. The exhibitors have their own entrance to the exhibition grounds.

Access Cards
You have to pick up the access cards at the fair (the registration) We encourage pre-registration, username and password will be sent by e-mail to your contact person.

Invitation cards
If you have received an Invitation Card (Free entry to Nor-Fishing), you can register your ticket here.

The rental of stand includes White Foga System Walls and Company Sign. Free WI-FI, 10 free invitations per m² stand, Free entry in the catalog, Free coffee every morning, Cleaning of stand every night. (Equipment: carpet, furniture and electricity are excluded). Overview of our subcontractors can be found here.

The Nor-Fishing foundation

Klostergata 90 7030 Trondheim, Norway
+ 47 73 56 86 40

Here you can see the website for Aqua Nor


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