June 24th, 2016 by Paul

Last year students were hired – now the Student Day returns

Nor-Fishing is the industry’s most important meeting place. Now students are invited to face-to-face meetings with exhibitors, visitors and experts. The Student Day is designed to bring the industry closer to students – and students closer to the industry. On the last day of Nor-Fishing, a number of events especially targeting students will be held.

Mads Martinsen, product responsible for growth feed at the feed giant Skretting, explains that he and his colleagues greatly benefitted from last year’s Student Day. “The Student Day was a huge event. The student tent was packed full. From start till end it was exciting and interesting, and the speed dating was a concept that turned out to be very useful for us. We ended up hiring one of the students we met on Student Day.”

Advises everybody to participate
Martinsen advises everybody to take part in these events, both students and exhibitors. “We were already at the exhibition, so it cost us nothing extra in terms of money, just a little extra time. The benefits in terms of recruitment opportunities and being visible to future employees were great,” says Martinsen.

Meeting point
«We want to show the students the opportunities that exist in the fisheries industry. Exhibitors at Nor-Fishing will be smart if they take this opportunity to establish contact with the brightest heads that are the ones who will develop the industry in the future,” adds Stine Falk-Petersen, who is Project Manager for Student Day.

Joining forces for the students
Student Day is a cooperation project between the Nor-Fishing Foundation, the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association, Bridgehead Frøya, Seafood Norway, the NTNU University in Trondheim, NTNU Ocean Club, and Yngel.no. Student Day was a very popular event at Aqua Nor last year, and will now be a recurring feature of both Aqua Nor and Nor-Fishing.

Visibility is also important
In addition to the obvious opportunity to impress and recruit the sharpest students, there are also other benefits by participating. “It is important to us to be visible as a company. Even if we do not succeed in recruiting anybody, we will still be visible and be remembered as a company for the next time we meet,” says Martinsen of Skretting. He himself gave one of the presentations at last year’s Student Day.


A separate Student Tent
Like last year, the student will have their own tent outside Trondheim Spektrum, where all the events on Student Day will be held.

Free access to the exhibition every day
In addition to all the activities on Student Day, Friday 19th August, students have free admission to the show every day of the exhibition.

Sign up now!
Students who wish to participate in Student Day on Friday 19th August should sign up beforehand.

Student? Sign up here > >

This is happening on Student Day:

  • Lectures
  • Speed-dating
  • Free lunch
  • Opportunity to meet the exhibitors
  • Separate student stand
  • Happy hour

Speed dating
Students and exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet in a speed-dating setting.  Exhibitors will be able to meet dozens of students within a very short time. Exhibitors who wish to participate should register with Project Manager Stine Falk-Petersen (stine@falkpetersen.no tel.: +47 977 56 122).

The organizers have engaged exciting lecturers who will talk about the technology in the fisheries, the future development of the industry, employment opportunities and what expertise will be needed in the future. Lecturers will be announced later.

Happy hour

After the exhibition closes, students are invited to a happy hour and a social gathering for students and exhibitors alike.


Exhibition adress:
Trondheim Spektrum
Klostergata 90
7030 Trondheim, Norway

Visiting address, administration
The Nor-Fishing Foundation
Pirsenteret, entrance 1, Havnegata 9
7010 Trondheim, Norway

Mailing address
The Nor-Fishing Foundation
p.o. box 1251, Torgård
7407 Trondheim, Norway

+ 47 73 56 86 40

Here you can see the website for Aqua Nor


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