Digital meeting rooms – how to meet your customers during Nor-Fishing

As an exhibitor, you can book a digital meeting room during Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital. In the meeting room you can discuss and interact with customers and contacts in real time.

The meeting room is the best platform for talking to potential customers during the event. You can hold webinars, presentations and conversations with visitors simultaneously with the live broadcast.

Several of the exhibitors who have booked studio time during the event have, for example, booked meeting rooms just after their studio time presentation to continue the discussion with the viewers.

How it works

Many have become familiar with video conferencing in recent months, and digital meeting rooms in principle work in the same way. As the leader of the meeting room, you moderate the meeting yourself – you control the sound and camera yourself and choose what you want to present or talk about.

There is room for 60 visitors, where the first 12 are visible with a photo – the rest of the visitors participate with sound. You can even mute microphones for visitors if many people are talking at the same time.

Time slots and costs

The meeting rooms are rented in “slots” of 15 minutes each, and you can book a maximum of 1 hour (four slots) per day. Price per 15 minutes slot is NOK 2 000, – plus VAT.

You will receive a link to your meeting room on Thursday 13 August, so that you can spend some time getting familiar with it.

Do you want to book a digital meeting room? Please send an e-mail to with your details.


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