Celebrate Nor-Fishing’s 60th anniversary with us!

Nor-Fishing celebrates its 60th anniversary this year! Nor-Fishing’s big day was to be celebrated as we usually know the exhibition, with thousands of guests in the exhibition halls in Trondheim. Instead, the anniversary will be an important milestone for the exhibition as it is broadcast digitally for the first time in history.

When the first Nor-Fishing exhibition was held sixty years ago, the current situation was probably unthinkable for the 130,000 (!) who visited the exhibition in 1960. That the fishing industry would have the technology it has today and that the meeting place is virtual, would probably have sounded like science fiction to many.

Nor-Fishing develops with the industry

Since the first Nor-Fishing exhibition was held in Bergen in 1960, the fishing industry has undergone a rapid development. The exhibition has always been an important meeting place for the industry – and over the years it has been professionalized, in line with developments in the industry in general. At the exhibition, innovation, new technology and future-oriented solutions will be presented.

Therefore, it is fitting that the exhibition takes a step into the digital world precisely on its 60th anniversary. Because even though we will continue to meet and gather in thousands in the future, 2020 shows us that the fishing industry is able to make a U-turn, adapt quickly and take on new challenges. We hope we can inspire further innovation and further development within the industry.

A three-day feast

The anniversary will be celebrated with a feature on each day of the three-day broadcast during Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital. There will be flashbacks with tributes to important driving forces, deep dives into the exhibition’s significance for technological development, and discussion about the exhibition’s future. We invite you all to join the celebration August 18 – 20.

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